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About  MIDE and WinMIDE
CAD tools for microwave circuits
 HP8410PC measurement system
 Microwave circuit design

MIDE CAD tools

Microwave design requires in complex calculations, including many tradeoffs between conflicting specifications. The deal of a microwave designer can be eased by CAD tools. MIDE has been introduced in 1993. It provides for linear circuit analysis, optimization and yield optimization. It also includes an automated Smith chart and a transmission line designer.
Nowadays, MIDE runs under Microsoft Windows (98 and up). Try our demo!


Vector microwave measurements are important to designers. HP has introduced his 8410 series of Vector Network Analyzers well before a PC has been born. Due to systematic errors (like reflections from transitions), microwave measurement needs in precise calibration and correction. Modern correction methods can eliminate systematic errors effectively. Such methods need in a PC connected to a VNA (unless you can afford a new, computer controlled VNA like HP 8510 ...)

MIDE HP8410PC system is a cost-effective way of turning a 8410 system into a system as powerfull as 8510, using common PC. It has been designed by microwave practicioners with solid theoretical background, and several systems are in use in companies as well as universities.

Price can be determined depending on information on your hardware, (eg. the software system is tuned for your plugins).

If interested, send e-mail to  hoffmann@mide.cz .

Circuit design

Do you need an ultra-wideband amplifier possessing low battery consumption? Do you need other circuits, not available on the market? We are ready to  design special microwave circuits customized for your needs, including circuits satisfying military specifications.